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COMAC Vispa XS Wireless Automatic Scrubber Dryer (MADE IN ITALY)

➤ COMAC Vispa XS Wireless Automatic Scrubber Dryer
➤ Comfortable and easy to use thanks to user-friendly controls on the steering wheel
➤ Height and tilt of the handlebars can be adjusted to guarantee the maximum comfort for the operator, even during extended use
➤ Frame and brush head made of corrosion resistant aluminum, to make a floor scrubber that’s robust and lightweight at the same time
➤ Rotary head equipped with parabolic squeegee which continuously follows the direction of the machine, for perfect scrubbing and drying results in any direction.
➤ The squeegee can also dry backwards, making cleaning operations under tables and chairs even easier
➤ Brush assembly is laterally offset in relation to the machine body, for perfect cleaning along walls
➤ Once folded, it can be carried easily with the handle on the control bar or pulled along on its wheels like a trolley
➤ Thanks to its small dimensions it can be stored anywhere easily, even in the smallest closet
➤ The lithium ion battery allows a drastic reduction in charge times and increase in the performance and autonomy of Vispa XS
➤ ECO Mode: only one button to reduce noise level and energy consumption and increase the floor scrubber’s autonomy
➤ Stop&Go: when the machine is temporarily idle, the solution flow is interrupted and the brushes are halted so as to optimize consumption and reduce waste








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